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Garden Studio Classes

Regular weekly classes take place in my garden studio which is designed to accommodate around ten students. 

I have experience of teaching very young pupils, teenagers and adults from my years as a classroom teacher in schools and my methodology has developed from this.

My main aim in teaching my students is to encourage them to develop their own interests and means of expression. 

There are four linked experiences which form the basis of my teaching.

  1. how things look - the appearance of the world and how we see it is enhanced through observing and recording .
  2. materials and their qualities - finding out what materials can do and their individual characteristics  learned through techniques and application.
  3. designing - using visual devices e.g composition to plan how others will perceive your art.
  4. how others create - appreciation of artists and their work through analysis


Two hour sessions take place in afternoons and evenings and day workshops are currently being planned.


Basic materials are supplied. More specialist materials are brought by students.


To find out more contact me using email or phone.